How it Works: Our Process

Lane and Coach Houses are truly the focus of our passion and we’ve developed a streamlined process to deliver your new project built to the highest possible quality.

First Step
Contact us for a free initial consultation. We'll have a look at your proposed site and listen to your ideas and expectations for the laneway project. We will bring some of our own design propositions and rough costs to this meeting, so that, by the end of the consultation, we are on the same page. If we agree to move forward, the next step is a design agreement.

We custom design for you. The creation of your laneway house requires careful attention to detail and maximum creative utilization of space. We are masters at eking out the most square footage possible, and we fight tooth and nail at City Hall through strategic application of the rules and complex design guidelines. We listen to your needs and goals attentively to make your small home dreams come true. The final product will be a beautiful and efficient design within the City’s strict parameters.

We are LEED accredited designers and we consider the environment at every stage of your project. We separate materials from demolition, excavation, and construction for reuse and recycling, and we give our clients environment friendly choices wherever possible in building materials and finishes.

Customizing the spaces of your laneway home to suit you makes sense to us. We feel that spending just a bit more time on the design phase is worthwhile given that your laneway house is a long-term investment, and good design makes your laneway house more appealing to renters who will enjoy the spaces more and pay a higher rent to live in a nicer home.

Once the building permit is issued and we have a construction agreement in place, you can get comfortable and watch from your back porch as your laneway house takes shape. Our efficient site building methods rival the speed of pre-fabricated systems. And our project management will ensure that you are kept well informed as to progress, milestone dates and budget use.

Contact us to get started!